"In-House" Banners

An “in-house” banner is just that - a banner we produce here. We stock 13 oz. banner material in the most used colors and sizes, and cut what you need. We then use double-stick tape for the hems, and grommets where requested. This is the most economical banner, and is fine for short-term outdoor use (a weekend) or longer-term indoor use.

"Sewn" Banners

A sewn banner is one we have custom-made. The edges are hemmed and sewn, with a nylon webbing when requested. The webbing can be extended for use in tying the banner up. Weights range from 10 oz., to 19 oz., in various colors, single-sided or double. These banners, depending on conditions, can last 6 months or more outdoors, and can be re-used for annual events.

Let us know your needs, and we will find the right one for you!