Our Retail Location

In making custom signs, we are often left with small pieces of panel material, and have empty space on the vinyl. Rather than throwing it into the landfill, we decided to start making small retail items. If you like them, they are available!

If you have an idea that might work, let us know; we might add it to our line!

Zombie Apocalypse Signs

Pricing - These signs run between $10 & $15

Zombie Stickers

We got tired of seeing the "family" stickers on the backs of cars, and wanted to put our own spin on the idea- so we created original art! Can't get it anywhere else! "Dad" is about 7" tall. We also have a "standard" zombie, (7", 4" and 3") and a spider design (5" wide and 3.5" wide). We hope to add more designs as we can.

Zombie Family: $3.00, or 4 for $10

Standard Zombie or Tarantula: $3.50 each for large, $2.00 each for the smaller ones.

Zombie Apocalypse Shelter

These are screen printed enamel on aluminum, durable, and custom. We have permission from the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse to use the words "Zombie Apocalypse", which they have trademarked! Any others are not the real deal!