Vehicle Graphics

Single Vehicle

Single-vehicle graphics can range from a slogan on your windshield, to your logo on your doors, to a full vehicle treatment. Your vehicle is a moving billboard, seen by hundreds of people each day - let us get you noticed!

Fleet Identification

From compact cars to semi’s, fleet graphics help establish your identity, and consistent design will be remembered. We can help create that “look” you want, and build company pride and new clients at the same time!


Sometimes you don’t want your company’s name and phone number on your vehicle all the time. We make custom magnets for just that purpose. We take the time to measure the space available on your vehicle, avoiding body moldings and ridges, so that your magnets fit flat. This helps keep them on the side of the vehicle, not the side of the road. Once you have them, we advise you remove them from the vehicle when you wash it, and don’t leave them attached for long periods. They will start to bond to the paint after a while. And try to make sure they are warm when you replace them. They will mold to the side and attach better that way.