IFO Signs

Your local, independent sign shop for custom signs & graphics

What we can offer you

Design Services

It doesn't matter if you know exactly what you want, or just know you need a sign, we can help. From size, to materials and color choices, we have the experience  to guide you through, and make sure you end up with a product that is uniquely yours!


 If we can't produce your project in-shop, we have a wide variety of industry partners willing to help make your dream a reality! We are even in the same building as The Neon Company (they make neon), so can easily incorporate the unmistakable glow of neon into your project! 

Other services

We offer limited installation, occasionally calling in one of our partners. We can help with the permitting process of your new sign by producing the drawings you will need when you apply. When you come to us, we will walk you through each stage, listening to your ideas. That's the independent difference.


Signs can come in a lot of different forms. We can help you decide if plastic, steel, aluminum or something else meets your needs best.

Digital print vs. cut vinyl

Digital printing is a growing market, and is often the best choice. However, cut vinyl will hold its color longer, and can be the best choice. We can evaluate what is best for your project.

What does a sign cost?

Each sign is a unique creation, and each has different challenges. Therefore, we price each project individually. We don't have a "menu" that you choose from. That would be too corporate!